Class FileSystemSource

  extended by
      extended by com.armatiek.infofuze.source.AbstractStreamSource
          extended by com.armatiek.infofuze.source.filesystem.FileSystemSource
All Implemented Interfaces:
DataSourceIf, javax.xml.transform.Source
Direct Known Subclasses:
CIFSSource, HTTPBasedSource, LocalFileSystemSource

public abstract class FileSystemSource
extends AbstractStreamSource

A JAXP bases abstract base class for all filesystem based Source classes. Filesystem bases source classes share the concept of a hierarchy of directories and files which can have parseable metadata and contents.

Maarten Kroon

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
FileSystemSource(org.w3c.dom.Element configElem)
Method Summary
 FileIf[] getBaseFiles()
          Returns the base files (seeds) that are configured for this source.
abstract  FileIf getFile(java.lang.String location)
          Returns the file on a specific location.
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Constructor Detail


public FileSystemSource(org.w3c.dom.Element configElem)
Method Detail


public abstract FileIf getFile(java.lang.String location)
Returns the file on a specific location. The location string is filesystem specific.

location - The location of the file


public FileIf[] getBaseFiles()
Returns the base files (seeds) that are configured for this source.